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“Donut Dudes”

ABC27 visits the Doh-Nuh T Co.

It sits as a hole-in-the-wall on Lincoln Highway, but walk by The Doh-Nuh T Co., and you can smell what’s cooking.

Inside, customers are greeted with bright colors and a huge picture menu, showing the 14 made-to-order donuts. The flavors range from “Chocolate P.B.,” a donut topped with peanut butter glaze and chocolate chips, to “The Hangover,” a donut topped with a maple syrup glaze and bacon crumbles.

The menu was created by co-owners Bill Kalathas and Ben Locker, the self-proclaimed, “donut dudes.”

They opened the store in October after being inspired by shops at the beach. They say donuts make people happy, so they launched The Doh-Nuh T Co.

here are 14 signature donuts on the menu but the guys are always experimenting with new flavors. They even have a “seasonal donut” on the menu, which changes almost every month. For December, it’s the “Dough-ho-ho nut,” a donut topped with a vanilla glaze, crushed candy canes, and a Hershey’s candy cane mint kiss.

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